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Anonymous asked: Good inner thigh and abb workouts? I squat and do sit ups at the moment buy that's it

Legs: Leg Exercises

Abs: Lower Ab Exercises

One of my favourite exercise that targets abs and inner thighs at the same time: Reach And Pass

mechanicsburg-anchorage asked: First of all, I love your blog, the workout gear you post is adorable! Ever since I graduated high school, I found that working out in college has become harder for me having to plan my own workouts and and not having a coach to plan your exercises. But it's nice to have blogs like yours to follow. Anyways I've been targeting my core lately and my lower back has been hurting a lot. Do you have any suggestions of exercises that are easy on your back? Or lower back strengthening? Thanks!

Thanks! I agree; it can be tough adjusting to the new circumstances. That’s interesting that your back has been hurting more.. I suppose it depends which exercises you’re doing, but core strengthening should help your back. 

There are some lower ab exercises in this post here that may help, and I would suggest emphasizing any exercises that take your back out of the equation. The plank, for instance, is a good option - it does not stress the back and just requires a consistent holding of the muscles. Try each side plank for a minute without stopping, as well as the front plank. Make sure you keep your body in as straight of a line as you can; when you get your back into a more arched position (especially if you’re using any weight) that could be when the pain occurs.
Back or belly “banana kicks” (as I used to call them in gymnastics) might help. You lie on the ground on your back with your arms stretched out above your head, and then lift your upper and lower body off the floor so that you are low to the ground but that your butt/lower back is pretty much the only thing on the ground. Flutter your legs and hold that position for a great ab workout. You can do the same thing on your stomach, which targets the lower back more. With only your belly/pelvis on the ground, lift your face/chest/arms/legs off the ground and flutter your arms and legs.
Hope that makes sense. Thank you for the kind words & feel better soon!

an5an asked: Hi.........I'm workouting every day and I want abs..........When will I get it?? (sorrry for bad english)

It depends how hard you’re working! The process is different for everybody.. it also depends on what your body is like, what shape you’re in now, how your diet is, what your workout is, etc. If you’re trying your best you could see progress with your body in a couple of weeks; for slight abs probably a couple months at least. But just keep working.. enjoy the process and you’ll get there. The time passes faster than you think! Good luck :)

alittlesassea asked: okay, honestly. i would fricken love to reblog EVERYTHING but i don't wanna annoy you🙈 check out my blog?♡

Thank you so much! :)


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